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mustard oil

Mustard oil, commonly known as 'golden oil', is a popular cooking oil in Indian households. For great reasons as well. Its rich aroma and powerful flavour are distinctive. Mustard oil adds a distinctive taste to pickles and salads alike. This oil's long-lasting pepper flavour not only improves the overall taste of food, but it also has a number of health advantages.

 Cold Pressed Oils & Ordinary Mustard Oil- Are they different?

The terms Lakdi Ghani Mustard Oil and ordinary/normal Mustard Oil are sometimes confused. Despite being derived from mustard seeds, the two have more differences than similarities.

 The main difference between these two types of oils is their production process.

 The usual mustard oil extraction technique makes use of equipment and chemicals. Cold Pressed Oil, on the other hand, is a wood-pressed mustard oil made at temperatures less than 50 degrees Celsius.

Based on production

These two are significantly different in terms of manufacturing. Cold pressing the seeds produces Cold Pressed Oil, which is then extracted by grinding. On the other hand, mustard oil is made using a variety of methods, including solvent extraction with chemicals and heat. Hot pressed/solvent extracted oils are oxidised with chemicals and high temperatures, causing health problems and a loss of nutritional content. Furthermore, numerous useful components are extracted from the oils during heat pressing. On the other hand, cold-pressed oils retain all of their beneficial components. Cold-pressed oils do not require refining, but hot-pressed oils are refined to increase taste and acidity. Therefore, it is the best alternative.

Based on cooking.

When it comes to edible oils in India, each of these cooking oils have characteristics that set them apart. Despite being cold pressed, Lakdi Ghana Mustard oil keeps its pungency and is suitable for any Indian cuisine. Its high smoke point enables it to withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for pickles and curries.

Similarly, mustard oil has a diverse flavour and is used in a wide range of cuisines, including salad dressing. This makes them perfect elements for any cuisine.

Based on availability.

Cooking oils, notably Lakdi Ghani Mustard Oil, are not frequently accessible in India, given their crucial role in the preparation of nutritious meals. Normal/ordinary mustard oil is commonly available in all states. It is also known for the pungent flavour it lends to meals. Lakdi Ghana oils, on the other hand, are commonly used in northern and eastern India. But Shree Ram Krishna Oil Mills have brought it to your doorstep with a few clicks!

Health Benefits of Organic Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

Organic cold-pressed mustard oil has various health benefits due to its unique combination of essential ingredients. Let's explore some of the main benefits of mustard oil:

  1. Heart wellness

Mustard oil has an optimal combination of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated lipids. It also contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. These types of fats are good for the heart and may assist with lower cholesterol and reduce the possibility of heart disease.

  1. Anti-inflammatory qualities.

Mustard oil includes chemicals such allyl isothiocyanate and selenium, which add to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. A daily intake of organic cold-pressed mustard oil can assist with decreasing inflammation in the tissues and relieve the signs of disorders such as arthritis.

  1. Reduces the risk of allergies.

Among the most important health benefits of organic cold-pressed mustard oil is that it decreases allergies and their accompanying discomforts. It is low in trans fats, that's a major cause of paediatric respiratory allergies.

 Its monounsaturated and polyunsaturated acids aid to alleviate wheezing, asthma, allergic colds, and asthmatic eczema.

  1. Digestive help.

Mustard oil has been used for many years to improve digestion due to the enhanced production of digestive enzymes. It can improve digestion, prevent constipation, and lower the risk of digestive problems.

  1. Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Based on World Health Organization estimates, over 77 million people in India suffer type 2 diabetes, along with another 25 million at high risk of developing the disease. High consumption of trans fats is one of the primary causes of insulin intolerance. Cold Pressed Mustard oil has minimal levels of trans fats. This lowers blood sugar levels and the likelihood of acquiring type 2 diabetes.

 Cold Pressed Mustard oil is also used for hair growth. Mustard oil for hair is a wonderful solution for individuals experiencing hair problems. It is high in vitamin E, antioxidants, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids. A regular application of mustard oil for hair reduces dandruff and hair weakening while boosting hair development. It is not incorrect to characterise mustard oil as a cure for your hair.


In conclusion, cold-pressed mustard oil and standard mustard oil differ significantly in terms of production techniques and health benefits. Cold-pressed oil retains nutrients since it is extracted at lower temperatures, whereas normal oil may lose these advantages due to heat and chemical treatment. Cold-pressed mustard oil provides a variety of health benefits, including better heart health, anti-inflammatory properties, allergy relief, digestive aid, and diabetes risk reduction. Shree Ram Krishna Mills' Lakdi Ghana Mustard oil, known for its traditional cold-pressed extraction technique, preserves important nutrients and provides consumers with a better alternative. Despite the fact that both oils provide distinct flavours to Indian cuisine, cold-pressed varieties may be more difficult to get. Thus, cold-pressed mustard oil stands out as a preferable alternative, providing both flavour enhancement.



  1. What makes cold-pressed mustard oil different from regular mustard oil?

Cold-pressed mustard oil is extracted at lower temperatures, without the use of heat or chemicals, keeping its natural nutrients and health benefits. In contrast, conventional mustard oil is frequently manufactured using heat and chemical methods, which may reduce nutritional value and pose health hazards.


  1. What health advantages come from utilising cold-pressed mustard oil?

Cold-pressed mustard oil has a variety of health advantages, including improving heart health owing to its balanced fatty acid content, decreasing inflammation, soothing allergy symptoms, helping digestion, and lowering the incidence of type 2 diabetes. Its preservation of important nutrients makes it a better choice for overall health.


  1. Is cold-pressed mustard oil more commonly accessible than conventional mustard oil?

While conventional mustard oil is frequently available, cold-pressed versions may be less so. However, due to rising demand for healthy cooking oils, cold-pressed choices are growing more common in markets and specialised stores, providing customers with healthy alternatives to typical cooking oils