65 years young enterprise Shree Ramkrishna Oil Mills was started in the year 1949 by with an ancient technique of extracting oils from various Oil seeds and nuts in WOODEN GHANI.

No Chemical is used while Extracting the oil and Especially no Machine Filter Process is done Because it again Requires Heat above Smoke (Boiling) Point, we perform Manual filter process just settle down the oil for 12 hours so Thus it is Thick as compared to Refined oil and full of Natural Values so the Taste, Colour, and Smell of the oil Remain unchanged Like Garden Fresh. and also the Quantity Required for Cooking is less..

Yes you heard it right WOODEN GHANI! Driven by bullocks, this Ghani was first

invented by the ancient sages of India. Here the wooden Ghani remains the same but the electric motor replaces the animal....

Our Oil mill is located in Pune, Maharashtra India , being one of the oldest and reputed oil mills and retail store since 1949.

The raw material used here is the export quality. We continuously thrive on supplying the best product to our end users.

Our vision is to provide Natural Pure and superior quality oil to all our customers. We add health to your food and a healthy life is a happy life.

Our products are as listed below.

  • Groundnut - Oil.
  • Kardai / Safflower - Oil.
  • Coconut - Oil.
  • White - Til / Sesame - Oil.
  • Black - Til / Sesame - Oil.
  • Diva - Til - Oil.
  • Flaxseed - Oil.
  • Mustard - Oil.
  • Sweet - Almond - Oil.
  • Walnut - Oil.
  • Jaggery - Powder - (Chemical-Free)
  • Rock - Salt - (Saindhav - Namak).
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Awla - Ginger (Mix).
  • Roasted - Flaxseed - Turmeric.
  • Coconut - Cookies.
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